• Membrane Bioreactor – MBR is the combination of Ultrafiltration (UF) and activated sludge process
  • Arvind Envisol is a MBR manufacturer and supplier that produces effluent of high quality which can be discharged to surface water for reuse. It has an advantage like retrofit
  • The water with required MLSS enters the MBR tank after aeration. MBR tank consists of MBR membrane modules mounted on structural frame along with the back pulse tank arrangement on the top
  • The Compact tubular membrane is very well suited for the separation of biological sludge, or any other high solids application in which high effluent quality is required
  • Separating the suspended solids before the bioreactor, this membrane filter allows only water and dissolved matter to pass, rejecting everything that is undissolved
  • The filtrate can either be used directly in many applications, or can be fed into another (RO) treatment system to remove the dissolved matter
  • There are two types of configuration for MBR
    • Submerged – This filtration system is installed in the main bioreactor vessel or in a separate tank
    • Side stream – This filtration system is installed in outside the bioreactor vessel

Advantages of UF-MBR technology as compared to a conventional activated sludge system include:

  • Strong double-supported membrane tubes
  • Tight cut-off at 0.03 micron
  • Applicable for total suspended solids levels up to 25 g/l biomass
  • High tolerance to hypochlorite cleaning
  • High flux rates
  • Easily interchangeable
  • Also available to enhance flux and herewith performance by providing enhanced mixing and efficient removal of the cake
  • Chemical consumption only for CIP cleaning

CIP Cleaning

“Similar to the filtration medium the cleaning solution is fed into circulation through the membrane from the feed side. For this purpose either the circulation pump or a separate cleaning pump can be used.”