Arvind Envisol has the Infrastructure proprietary technologies needed for cost-effective water treatment including recycling and recovery.
Our water conservation solutions are being used by major industries around the world for industrial, commercial, and municipal applications.
Water optimization is a critical component of all modern establishments given the urgent need to save and recover water. We
have the technologies coupled with the know-how and experience to provide customized wastewater treatment solutions.


  • This machine works on principle of providing indirect heat to the product for drying using rotating hollow heated paddles. The hollow paddles are specially shaped and designed for maximum heat transfer. This results in an excellent control of temperature of the product and enables a uniform product quality. At the outlet side, the product moves out of machine via an adjustable overflow.

  • The Arvind Envisol Limited designed paddle dryer offers such a design which avoids back mixing which makes machine very suitable for drying materials such as sludge, Gypsum, heat sensitive chemicals, etc. Any residual moisture level can be chosen for the end product.

  • The paddle dryer is a compact machine that is because it has many square meters of heat exchanging surface relative to the volume. Two hollow shafts with hollow paddles turn in opposite directions in the horizontal trough. The trough has an ?- (omega) shape that follows the contours of the paddles.

  • Moving parts are crucial for the system. They have been expertly designed. Excellent heat transfer is ensured when the product is refreshed regularly and remains in good contact with the heat exchanging surface. The paddles of the paddle dryer play a large role in creating these optimal conditions. The uniquely shaped paddle has a self-cleaning capacity. The wedge-shaped paddle produces shear forces on the paddle surface and this keeps the paddle clean and contributes to a higher heat transfer.

  • As the product moves through the machine, the paddles ensure that the product is well mixed and that it flows easily through the machine.

  • The paddles give excellent mixing in radial direction. The product is not mixed in axial direction. As it moves further into the machine, the product increasingly meets the end specifications. An even flow through the machine gives each product particle a more or less identical retention time and ensures a high uniform end-product.