Arvind Envisol has the Infrastructure proprietary technologies needed for cost-effective water treatment including recycling and recovery.
Our water conservation solutions are being used by major industries around the world for industrial, commercial, and municipal applications.
Water optimization is a critical component of all modern establishments given the urgent need to save and recover water. We
have the technologies coupled with the know-how and experience to provide customized wastewater treatment solutions.


  • This technology relies on the radiant energy from sun.

  • It can be used for drying sludge, agriculture waste, dyes and chemicals which are not radiation sensitive

  • Dewatered solids are distributed into the greenhouse uniformly by an automated homogeniser or manual means.

  • The sun’s energy passes through the greenhouse structure to heat and evaporate the moisture content in the sludge.

  • The enclosure protects the sludge from adverse weather while simultaneously facilitating semi-controlled environment to accelerate evaporation and encloses the odour.

  • The traveling bridge mixer incrementally distributes and moves the sludge along the length of the solar dryer, ensuring a properly mixed and uniformly dried product.

  • With full automation capability, operator time within the drying structure can be virtually eliminated.

  • Advanced low-temperature drying and dehumidification technology is adopted without adding chemicals and physical treatment throughout the process.

  • No exhaust gas or dust is discharged. With advanced automatic control technology and centralized monitoring of equipment, the moisture content of sludge after drying can be set and adjusted.

  • The drying process has no loss of organic components, no need to add other ingredients, and get high calorific value of dry materials, which is suitable for later resource utilization.

  • Key attributes of this technology are:
    • Low energy demand – Natural process

    • Concept perfectly suites as a complimentary solution in areas with high seasonal fluctuations

    • High foot print

    • Flexibility to use alternate heat source such as waste heat for drying

    • Lowest operating cost

    • Sufficient buffer needed

Arvind Envisol provides following services for solar dryers:

  • Documentation and Basic Engineering Package (BEP) for civil, mechanical, & electrical works, along with instrumentation & automation

  • Work Processing sheets

  • Construction plans

  • Detail plans of concrete interface plant construction

  • Detail plans of the drying plant’s structural work and technics

  • Settlement of Project : For the machinery equipment and EMSR/E, I&C equipment incl. planning, construction and documentation for the compiling of the delivery plant elements, incl. interface clarification for performance on site

  • Initial operation for the drying plant : Stretch out over max 5 working days by procedural and electro technical educated staff, adjustment of the SPC/ PLC control system, on- the- job training of the operational staff

  • Compile cable plan and cable lists

  • Design cabinet construction

  • EPC and plant engineering

  • Staff education / training