Arvind Envisol has the Infrastructure proprietary technologies needed for cost-effective water treatment including recycling and recovery.
Our water conservation solutions are being used by major industries around the world for industrial, commercial, and municipal applications.
Water optimization is a critical component of all modern establishments given the urgent need to save and recover water. We
have the technologies coupled with the know-how and experience to provide customized wastewater treatment solutions.


Technology selection is based on heat source availability, quantum of drying and type of material in scope. All drying technologies bring considerable reduction in operating cost. Modular structure and simple design makes it easier for maintenance, highly safe due to low temperature operations and no tail or harmful gases are produced during drying process

All technologies are designed to operate in all weather conditions with full automation, hence minimal manual intervention is required on periodic basis.

Correct drying technology for varied applications

Solar Dryer:

  • Used for large evaporation capacities

  • Make use of solar radiations for material drying

  • Lowest in operating expenditure with continuous automated operation

Heat pump dryer:

  • Used for small and medium evaporation capacities

  • It is low heat dryer which uses hot air at 70 – 75?C for drying

  • Heat pump is used to generate hot air

Waste heat dryer:

  • Used for small and medium evaporation capacities

  • It is a low heat dryer which works on same principle as heat pump dryer but uses waste heat available in the system for drying

Paddle dryer:

  • Used for small to large evaporation capacities

  • It is a high heat dryer utilized steam or thermic fluid for indirectly transferring heat to the product

  • It can operate upto 350 ?C temperature