KaiGo provides a complete range of water treatment components, including FRP and EPTD recyclable Membrane Housings, FRP Pressure Vessels, Electronic Dosing Pumps, HDPE Tanks, PHE Bags, Micron Cartridge Filters, Diffusers, and MBBR Media. These products ensure efficient filtration, precise chemical dosing, robust storage, and enhanced biological treatment and oxygen transfer.


Qurem excels in filtration technology with Ultrafiltration (UF), Membrane Bioreactor (MBR), and Reverse Osmosis (RO) membranes. Their UF membranes remove particles and microorganisms, MBR membranes combine biological and membrane filtration, and RO membranes offer high rejection rates with low energy consumption for industrial and municipal applications.


Konsiq offers precision instrumentation for industrial needs, including Electromagnetic Flow Meters, Rotameters, Pressure Gauges, Pressure Switches, Pressure Transmitters, Level Gauges, Level Switches, Level Transmitters, and Analyzers, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.


Orroto specializes in industrial rotating equipment, such as high-pressure, centrifugal, axial, and vacuum pumps, along with diaphragm and hydraulic dosing pumps. They also provide blowers, compressors, and agitators for efficient fluid conveyance, chemical dosing, air supply, pressurization, and mixing.


Cirflo Pipe, Fittings, and Valves specialize in both metallic and non-metallic components, offering a comprehensive range of products designed for optimal efficiency and enduring performance. Their lineup includes Metallic Pipes (MS, SS304L, SS316L, Duplex), Non-Metallic Pipes (UPVC, CPVC), Fittings, and various Valves (Ball, Butterfly, Gate, Globe, Check). These high-quality, reliable solutions enhance the integrity and functionality of industrial systems, ensuring long-lasting performance and efficiency.


Verlec Electrical offers a comprehensive selection of electrical components designed for various applications. Our precision-crafted products adhere to the highest standards of performance and reliability, ensuring optimal functioning and longevity of industrial operations. Whether powering essential machinery or facilitating efficient electricity distribution, Verlec combines excellence with electrical expertise. Our product range includes Panels, Induction Motors, Power, Control, and Instrumentation Cables, and VF Drives, all contributing to the seamless and efficient operation of industrial systems.


Listra Mechanical Parts and Tools are essential for enhancing operational efficiency across various sectors. With a comprehensive range of products, Listra provides high-quality, reliable, and durable components for diverse industrial applications. Their offerings include Bearings, Mechanical Seals, Couplings, Pulleys, Timer Belts, Fasteners, O-Rings, Tools, Inserts, and Adhesives. Committed to precision and reliability, Listra ensures peak performance and the seamless, prolonged functioning of machinery and systems, meeting the diverse needs of industries.


Qemistro specializes in chemicals for water treatment, cooling towers, and boilers. Their products include Antiscalants, Cleaning Agents, and Turbidity Removers for RO and UF systems, and ETP chemicals for flocculation, coagulation, and color removal. For cooling towers and boilers, they offer corrosion and scale inhibitors, pH boosters, oxygen scavengers, and cleaning solutions, ensuring efficient and prolonged system performance.


Solid-Liquid Separation specializes in motion-based segregation technologies designed to maximize water recovery and reduce water footprints in processes like Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) and solid concentration in the food industry. Their product lineup includes Paddle Dryers, Heat Pump Dryers, Filter Presses, Screw Presses, HRSCC/Clarifiers, DAF units, Centrifuges, MCF Housings, PSF/DMF Vessels, Thermal systems (MVC, ATFD, MEE), and Packaged Plants (UF, RO, ST). These technologies ensure efficient water recovery and solid-liquid separation, supporting sustainable practices in relevant industries


And the major offerings by KaiGO in components and spares includes Membranes & Filters, Pressure Tubes & Tanks, DAF & Media, Sludge Dewatering Units, Diffuser & Ozonator, Chemicals & Resins, and Pumps & Valves.
We have setup KaiGO using three guiding principles:-

  • Making ZLD/ ETP affordable,
  • Agile supply chain and shorter lead times and
  • Genuine service and no lock-in