Advancing Material Science for the

betterment of humanity and environment

Businesses looking for customized material solutions count on our expertise
and experience in the development of cutting-edge functional materials and components.
Human safety, construction, transportation, and the environment are the areas where our solutions excel.

Mass Transport

Urban mass transport systems use composite materials for the various advantages they offer. We provide sandwich composites solutions for metro interiors, exteriors, and flooring applications. We can provide end-to-end complete solutions from conceptualizing the product to commissioning it, to suit the varied requirements of the transportation industry.

  • Seating Fabrics
  • Advanced Composites
  • Metro Rail Components
  • Automotive Seating Solutions
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Building & Construction

The realization of the many benefits of composites in structural engineering has grown rapidly. The design limitations are no longer a constraint and the added benefits of reduced cost and environmental impact has enabled composites to replace concrete, aluminium, wood, and steel structures. Our composite materials feature low weight, have thinner profile, high tensile strength, and non-corrosive structural properties ideal for the building and construction industry.

  • Coating Substrate
  • Advanced Composite
  • Industrial Warehouses, Sheds
  • Pre-fab Bridges, Decks, Pilings
  • Awnings, Canopies, Tents
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Industrial & Environmental

We are the manufacturer of a variety of composites with multiple industrial applications such as belting fabrics for the mining, infrastructure, textile, pharma, power and food industries, along with poles, ladders, cable trays, gratings, etc. We also have a strong footprint in the environment business, as the composites we produce are the greenest options for material requirements in the renewable domain.

  • Non Wovens
  • PD Glass Fabrics
  • Industrial Fabrics
  • Specialty Yarns
  • Lamination & Coating (Andrew)
  • Filtration & Belting Substrate
  • Belting Substrate
  • Advanced Composites
  • Print Media Substrate
  • Cooling Tower Solutions
  • Structural Composite Solutions
  • Filtration & Belting Substrate
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Human Protection

We are a pioneer in producing specialized protective fabrics and accessories backed with our legacy of over 100 years of textile experience service as the backbone. Our human protection ranges from fire retardant, general workwear, to combat gears. We can conceptualize, design, and manufacture the most advanced protective fabrics that meet global safety standards and offer maximum durability and performance while meeting the evolving needs of industries.

  • Fire Retardant Fabrics
  • Garment Conversion
  • FR & Specialty Protection
  • Coated & Laminated Fabrics
  • Medical Yarns
  • Specialty Fabrics
  • Uniform Solutions
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