KaiGO – a sister concern of Envisol is the caterer of high quality components as well as well as the most precise O&M service partner required by the innovative solutions that Envisol orchestrates for its customers. It offers world-class and highly advanced spares and components for water treatment plants that make them on the smooth run and efficient operations round the clock. The services offered by KaiGO are: Operations & Maintenance, Retention Based Services, Revamp & Retrofitting

Our Partner for Supplying Spares
and Components, The Base of All
Solutions by Envisol

And the major offerings by KaiGO in spares and components include membranes & filters, mixers & aerators, chemicals & resins, pumps & valves, screens & press. While setting up wastewater management plants that run smoothly to protect water round the clock, the three main guiding principles of KaiGO are - 1. Making ZLD/ ETP affordable, 2. Agile supply chain and shorter lead times and 3. Genuine service and no lock-in.