Ozone is introduced in the treatment process to destroy microorganisms and degrade organic pollutants. Ozone gas (O3) is formed by passing oxygen through a high voltage electric field. Nowadays ozone is the widely used disinfectant after chlorine.

Features of Advanced Oxidation system

  • Compared to chlorination ozone has greater disinfection power against microorganisms like bacteria and viruses
  • Due to oxidizing properties of ozone, it reduces the concentration of iron, manganese, and, sulphur. It forms insoluble metal or elemental sulphur and reduces or eliminates taste and odour problems
  • By performing coagulation and chemical oxidation, organic particles and chemicals are eliminated
  • It has a very strong oxidizing power with a short reaction time

Feature of EnviOxy

  • EnviOxy is a strong anti-oxidant which works both as an oxidant and coagulant for wastewater treatment
  • It has an ability to reduce colour, COD, BOD, TSS, Turbidity and Hardness in a single step treatment
  • It can work at very high COD and high TDS waters e.g. dye bath, RO reject samples etc
  • It has a minimum sludge generation which lowers the sludge disposal cost
  • It can be designed in any size to meet the requirement of the customer
  • It is a compact system compared to conventional ETP system. EnviOxy is the least expensive and most effective treatment option which can be used with any kind of influent