Evaporation is the most efficient technology that works on almost all effluents but it has always been an energy intensive process. At Envisol, we break this stereotype and introduce you to the world’s most economical, sustainable, highly effective and fully automated polymeric film evaporation technology based on mechanical vapour re-compression technique.


  • PFET allows convenient retrofitting in existing schemes in order to derive                       maximum advantage over MEE
  • Lowers the capex of boilers as PFET system requires a much lesser capacity                 boiler
  • No need for major civil construction, only vessel foundation  required
  • Fully automated system with remote monitoring; no dedicated manpower                     required
  • VFD system supplied to allow flexibility in operations and energy usage                         optimization
  • Standard and high quality products used to increase the system longevity
  • Available in standard capacities of 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 450 and 500 KLD           systems. Bigger capacity systems available on request
  • Area required for installing the system in the range of 225 m² to 1350m²


  • Less prone to scale and corrosion in comparison to metals, easy cleaning process
  • Can operate on low pH, higher organic load and coloured effluent
  • Lowest operating costs; steam is used for covering the minimal energy loss and saves up to 80% energy for ZLD systems as compared to other prevailing technologies